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Riga Tony's Art of Deception Dinner Show Tickets!

Can you figure out whodunit in the NEW 'Art of Deception' ?

Quick Details

Person All Ages

Can YOU solve the mystery?!

Riga-Tony’s Murder Mystery Dinner Show is a brand new attraction coming to the Myrtle Beach area! With a 1930’s mobster theme, Italian food, and a show to “die” for you’ll be sent back in time for a fully immersive experience!

Introducing ‘Art of Deception,’ the latest sensation in the Myrtle Beach entertainment scene! Step into a world where nothing is as it seems. While keeping the allure of our 1930s mobster theme and delicious Italian cuisine, this new show takes the mystery to another level. As you enjoy your meal, you’ll find yourself entangled in a web of secrets and hidden identities. Can you see behind the veil to solve the intricate deceptions unfolding before you? At ‘Art of Deception,’ you come for the intrigue but stay for the revelation. Prepare yourself for an evening of ‘killer’ fun where everyone is a suspect, and nothing is off-limits.


We invite you to dine on a crisp salad to start, followed by a hearty portion of a traditional Italian entree (vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options are also available) and a deliciously creamy Italian dessert. Dinner comes with water and your choice of sweet or unsweetened iced tea; optional craft sodas and selected cocktail pairings are available. Dinner Menu may change based off of chefs choice!

Immersive Experience

During your experience you will witness a few comical crimes that you’ll have to solve. We can’t wait to see you for some “killer” fun…at Riga-Tony’s you come for the show but stay for the murder.

What to bring

An appetite for italian dining and crime solving!